Thursday, August 24, 2006

My pear has cancer!

Fruits and vegetables get tumours too!
I was eating my pear and stubmled across this benign growth. It's a little bit scary. I mean, it IS cancer. A patch of abnormal cells amongst all those normal ones.
It's a freak of nature.

I've even seen oranges with malignant spreads.

And, I sometimes even eat the cancers. You never know- it might be a delicacy. Most of the time they're just woody and gross. No real flavour. A whole lot of nothing.

You think all the apples in the same bushel get cancer? Something in their environment has caused the growth? Or it's just the one freak apple in the bunch?
Scientists could probably do a lot of studies on cancerous fruit. Look at the genetic makeup or somefing.
apple and Stage 2 growth

I think I would just love to see an E.R. style show but with fruits and vegetables. They would get those usual sicknesses, the same dramas would happen. Grey's Anatomy may be a better format actually.
They would all plucked right out of the Muppets Singing Food repertoire. Far out- they even have a profile on Muppet Wiki.
Would be pretty similar to that whole toothbrush gang. Man, I loved the toothbrush gang. And that's not the right link. If anyone can find that cartoon of all the different bathroom characters, I'll be indebted to you forever. And they weren't drawn. They were real objects with faces stuck on the most appropriate part of them that would suffice as a head.


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