Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Pheremones V Allergic Reactions

Well, again it was a great weekend.
I had to do some work on the weekend and I took a laptop home instead of going back into the city. I also managed to hack into someone's wireless network. Even though I have an IT degree, this is no mean feat. Thank you porteusnet in Rose Bay.

As a result, I think the karma leprechaun came to get me and on Monday morning, I had a massive allergic reaction to god knows what. I had to run to the doctor and check I wasn't dying. It was funny, because in the morning I was thinking about my lips v Angelina Jolie's lips. I was thinking how unique hers are and mine are ok, but they could be so much puffier. Then all of a sudden I get a tingly feeling in my lip and it started to puff up. It was only on the left side of the bottom lip and little did I know this was the first sign of the allergy, but I was excited- Mind over body. It works!

Come half an hour later my hands had these wierd swollen white blotches. My legs were covered too. It was itchy and I was in a meeting, which I bolted from. You could see in the picture, the hand on the left is all lumpy. Yum!

It's all gone down now. I'm on cortisone and hard core antihistamines. It will take a while before we pinpoint what the actual cause was. I have a fair idea of what it could be, but nothing like soap or new hand cream or anything like that.

Saturday night was also amusing. Big Happy Birthdays to "she's out of control" Nadine and "starting a new job again" Kate.

I'm not sure if the jacket I was wearing had anything to do with it, but the pheremones were running wild. There was some interest, I had some interesting chats with a couple of people and some wagers which were incredibly fruitful (all 4 seconds of my winnings). They were all very entertaining and they all ended on Saturday night.
Happy now?
The word "trouble" blared into my ear on several occasions was also not appreciated.

Even the taxi driver on the way home, Viktor, wanted to get in on the action. He was enquiring about our night. Frenchie was explaning how the party was full of so many women. Viktor wanted to know why Frenchie had only brought Nic and I home with him.
This continued for a while.
I said Viktor was amusing.

I got his name and his number to post here so you could call him and experience the wonderment that is Viktor. However, being dropped off first, I only found out afterward that Viktor asked the others for my number, so that he could:
"...give her a hard time and find out how she went with it all"

With it?? What is it?

Thanks Viktor.

As Frenchie explained to me, "he wanted to give her a 'hard time' the next morning, something to do with the fact that she was denying she was picking up guys by the dozen and leaving them hanging with their tails between their legs!"
He's quite right, I do deny it and for good reason.

All in all, things are pretty good. That black cloud (which I never wrote about) has somehow dissipated. It seems it is a bit of a global phenomenon- friends from around the world were complaining of the same dumb cloud.
I realised every year at this time things get a little bit depressing for no known reason. But, as soon as I realise that it goes away. But now, who knows what's wrong with me?? I was walking home from the ferry with a massive smile on my face after an incredibly manic day.
Sometimes I wonder if the big goofy smile is worse than the cloud? You can always spot a person on the street that you automatically dislike who is smiling for no reason. Depressed people just fit in to the background better.

And what the hell is this? I've slipped into a Meredith Grey style epilogue. I can hear that concluding Full House music in the background. The end of another saga is concluding and all the ends have nicely tied up into one complete blog entry.

Good night Australia...


Dot Co Dot Il said...

You must not have got the memo that said that the shoulders were to be left uncovered.

Anonymous said...

oh chickitas, you look so gorgeous!
I miss you all so much!!!

Eb said...

Great post Wisey. It was about time I read it.

a) Love that cropped jacket... I mean REALLY love it.

b) Who is this Frenchie you speak of?

c) So glad the black cloud phase is over. It's so not normal for me to be this hyperactively happy... Glad you're in the zone too. It'll make for a memorable & drunken night full of quotable quotes & other such shenanigans.