Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I am inspired

On July 1st, the community of Beloit, Wisconsin came together on the banks of the Rock River to recreate George Seurat's 'Sunday Afternoon on the Island of LaGrande Jatte' -- 'Saturday in the Park with Friends'.

Two words.
Fucking Awesome!
Perfect composition. You know how hard it would have been to place every body and then every object on top of that?? Even the goddam dog!

I love this Seurat.

I reckon Ferris Bueller gave me my love of this painting plus my love for pointillism. I've got postcards of it, I've even recreated portions of it on Canvas.

That movie never ceases to amaze me. Danke Schoen.

It's all about that girl in the middle in the white dress. She is the centre of it all, but lost. You know that scene when Cameron looks into her eyes and she looks into his? Very deep. Very moving.

It's a shame in the recreation, they fucked it up by putting in a kid wearing shorts and a tshirt. Nevertheless, I am still inspired.

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~ Sarah ~ said...

that's great!