Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Test of Time, Chasers and Wine

Well, I went to Time Magazine's Test of Time Trivia last night. It was lots of fun. Little show bag on arrival, great nibblies and drinks.
But the pressure was definitely on. There were 6 of us and we each had to learn the last 3 issues of the Magazine, plus we each had our own special issue to know. Mine- Style and Design of course.

The best part of the whole night was that we were sitting right infront of our hosts- The Chaser dudes, Craig Reucassel and Chris Taylor, who my team and I heckled the entire night.
I was a bit worried that we were annoying them too much, but after asking them about 6 times if we were (in a drunken state), they assured me all was ok.

Besides coming fifth (out of 11) a lot of other stuff happened too....

1. A while back, some guy tried to pick me up. His claim to fame was that he was "that Chaser guy's brother". I love the Chaser, always been a big fan ever since The Election Chaser and CNNNN Live. So when he told me that I was pretty excited, but then again he was only the dude's brother and really, what type of pick up line is that?! It's not as if he actually worked on The Chaser.
In my line of work, I find if I want something, I don't go out and buy it or pursue it. I have learned, just wait and it will fall right into your lap. This has happened with Movie tickets, massages, manicures, concert tickets, facials and various other products (eg iPod). I knew then it was only a matter of time before I met the guys from The Chaser.
So, when I finally did ask the question "Does one of you have a brother who works on an oil rig?", they were pretty shocked that I knew that, but WOW, that guy wasn't lying when he said he was their brother!

2. I got to be Wingman for a colleague. She had the hots for one of the Chaser guys. I creatively informed him and the rest is now up to them.
I'm always a wingman for my friends, so it was nice to move that into the work arena.

3. The token Jew, who should by default know all the Arab/Israeli questions got some wrong. Even though I wrote the answers in Hebrew. Bloody anti-semites.

4. Jacqui and I somehow wore matching striped up uniforms and we both carried our Yellow Balenciaga inspired bags. Thank you Nicolas Ghesquière. At least I learned that from Time.
5. I had the vigilance debate with Chris. I explained to him the concept of being vigilant with his humour. Ensuring he doesn't go for the low hanging fruit, continually striving for the good jokes. I managed to make them laugh all night (not sure if it was at me or with me), so I knew what I was talking about. Plus, I had that 2 month period where I was just making shit jokes left, right and centre and it was so hard for me to get out of it, but I managed to. Eb was relieved when that was over. I managed to come back to being vigilant.
Chris and Craig were making some pretty low grade attempts at humour for a big part of the evening. They were still funny, but only ha ha funny, not creative/witty/intelligent funny which is where the good jokes lie.

6. I heckled the Chaser boys about being Andrew G wannabes with their suit jackets, jeans, t-shirts and sneaker combinations. Bad form fellas. Bad, bad form.

All in all, it was a top night. We were definitely the most entertaining team and we bonded with the Chaser boys which is a big score. I like how they aren't pretentious in that D Grade celebrity kind of way. They know they aren't really celebrities anyway, so they just focus on plugging away at their craft.

Thanks Time, thanks Chaser, I'll remember this one for a while yet.

You should also know, the next post is going to be number 100. All of you should be acting up to try and get in this most auspicious occasion of blog entry.


Eb said...

I'm very jealous, but at least they were wearing crap clothes. In saying that, maybe it's a good thing... Why do I always go for well-dressed-closet-fag-boys?

Eb said...

I AM jealous... But at least they were wearing crap clothes.