Monday, April 03, 2006

Life's Lessons

Lesson no. 1
Do not come in to work early (7.20 am) to get a good start on a busy week and then use a piece of paper to hold the door open whilst your security pass is inside. Chances are it will be too flimsy and will not hold the door open.
Then wait 30 minutes until someone arrives to work at a normal time and can let you back in.

Lesson no. 2
If someone crouches down at your desk and you pretend not to notice them, say something. And do so straight away.
Say something like "What are you doing?" or "Can I help you?" as they hold that jug of water in their hands.
Otherwise you will end up with a totally wet foot like I did. Then you will need to seek retribution with a mini super soaker that you happen to have in your drawer, like I do.

That is all for today.


I'm usually a fool most of the time, it's just that at present I can't remember what my other mishaps are.

1 comment:

Eb said...

Paper Wisey? Paper? This is worse than the time an unnamed creative guy pitched the concept of using a Hitler-esque cow mascot for a kid's product to his new German client...