Thursday, March 30, 2006

Do I really like Canadians....ay?

So, it could be my love of Degrassi Junior High, or that gold medal triathlete that I fell in love with from the Sydney Olympics- but there is definitely something intriguing aboote the way canadians say certain words.

I even made a challenge for fellow compatriots to say as much aboote, hoouse and ay's that they could say in a 2 hour time period.

That was until I had to sit through a 1 hour interview with a Canadian.

He called the internet the interline! And he was in general a creepy, creepy fellow. The type you think is a closet serial killer, but I mean totally closet.

He was a person specialising in travel, so I asked him if he travels a lot. His response:
"Yeah, yah a lot."

When I asked him when and where he last went away:
"Oh, abboote three years ago I went to Canada ay. My mother died."


Also, i should mention. I sat behind a guy on the ferry with a Hitler haircut. Gotta love that.
You can even just see that he is wearing those little glasses that hook over the ear.
Can I get arrested for taking photos like this?

1 comment:

Eb said...

Interline? Really? Gold.

Did I mention that I watched a few Canadian Brand Power ads? I liked the dry-freezed bacon strips the best. Just heat and serve!