Friday, April 21, 2006

Life in the land of the dot co dot il (

All in all, I'm having a pretty good time in dot I.L.

I noticed within a few days of arriving here there isn't a conversation that goes by without the mentioning of blogs. However, there was the time we went out for a Friday night dinner and blogs weren't mentioned at all. That's because everytime I wanted to mention them I had to stop myself so I could be the causeof all this, but before that it definitely wasn't me.

There is also definitely the aura here of the anonymous blog. People love being anonymous so people can talk about them while they are present and people love trying to work out who the blogger is. It's a whole incestuous web of lies and in the end it's one big game. There is some element of fun to it, but otherwise it's just bullshit.

Otherwise I'm just taking in the sites and celebrities. Ewan McGregor was in Cesaria, Will Smith was at the Kottel and someone from Big Brother was at the beach in T.A.

I got a great tan in Herzliya from a half hour sojourn at the beach, post a great kosher le pesach breakfast at Hillel's. Pesach bread just tastes like wierd cake, but at least you can get by without really having to eat matza.
Malls are packed and people are everywhere over the holidays. All Israelis do besides argue, is go shopping in malls. Zara is like the Sass and Bide sale all day, every day. Madness.

Supermarket shopping is just as bad. I noticed something wierd in Israel. People have this brotherly love for eachother. It is strange. There is no real way to explain it. Having said that, there is an implicit trust between people even though most people are totally dodgy. A simple thing like going to the supermarket made me notice it. People just leave their trolleys and stuff behind when they go to the other side of the supermarket. In Australia, where people I think, are the most unassuming would never ever leave the trolley behind as they went to another aisle. I think it could be because the attendant would come and clear it away. In Israel the attendant is probably having a cigarette outside. And attendant probably isn't even the right name for it.

It's been fun hanging out with the kids. Went out for a massif night last night in Jay-ru, going to T.A. saturday night with my old friend Halachic Hadley and then i'll live it up a little bit more before going home on Lundi. I might try whack in another beach visit before I go, because why the hell not?


David P said...

"halachic hadley"- cracks me up every time

Eb said...

This is funny:

P.S. Shall I refer to you as Tanny McTan moving forward?

Dot Co Dot Il said...

Loved your post so much it inspired me to blog!

~ Sarah ~ said...

sounds fun!