Saturday, April 29, 2006

So many stories to tell

I am in a huge phase at the moment with too many stories to tell.
It's getting a little annoying and I know I probably should have blogged more when I was in Israel, but I just couldn't be assed.

I might do it on a voting system (and probably no one will comment anyway so I won't have to do anything about it), where you tell me which story you want.

  • There was the story of me puking erev pesach and then passing out at seder. In Israel you only have one chance, so when I woke up it was ALL over.
  • Meeting a guy who looks like Millhouse.
  • Nail file confiscated in Hong Kong airport. Discussion of confiscation with officials, for an hour.
  • Bag broken, contents damaged and stolen by our friends ElAl. Now they are claiming they cannot cover my damages.
  • Those 2 jokers in Israel and one of them who I kept bumping into.
  • Eating and shopping way too much in the holy land
  • People thinking i'm Israeli.
  • Probably more. Can't think.

  • Oh yeah, that guy on the plane adjusting his penis in his pants while I'm sitting next to him. Have you heard of peripheral vision you ass? I don't need to be subjected to this kind of visual abuse. Not only that, at least make more inconspicuous, eg -put a blanket over you and then do it if your tackle needs that much attention. To add insult to injury, I was shocked to encounter another man doing it as well. And no, I'm not a pervert, just something I never noticed before...and in many ways wish I had not!!

Everything now is a story, and more so than ever before. It's a little strange.

In other exciting news:
Photos from trip can be viewed here

And go watch this trailer.
When you see the screaming monkey, press pause and go back a couple of frames. You will something very interesting....
If you don't find it, i'll post the answer up here eventually.

This is for David

c/o This website

And those dudes that just got rescued from the mine in Tasmania...they're like the next Stuart Diver. Apparently they love footy, so they could be commentators if they try real hard. Not only hat, it's like when Timmy O'Toole got trapped down the well. You think they'll make a song? You think Sting will come and sing it? Watch out for that canary fellas.

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