Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Will the real Napolean Dynamite please stand up

So...I went to this awesome laneway festival on the weekend. The St Jeromes Laneway festival. They closed off this little square in the city, had a couple bands on 3 different stages. Was muchos fun(nos).

'twas a little strange that when the bands played these pretentious wannabes (who are actually the cool alternative types that would most probably grace the pages of the Vice do's....and even don'ts- there were some shocking outfits there) would just stand and watch. They don't even dance. They look like they are in some trance.

At the mixing stage they danced. But I think these people were less pretentious anyway. They just don't get Les Savy Fav. I guess that's why they can dance. BUT (starting a sentence with but, see!), this guy was the best dancer I have ever seen. He is a real life Napoleon Dynamite!
Sorry about being on the wrong way. I keep forgetting a camera only goes one way. I have the software to flip it, but I think the shareware version has expired...

Will the real Napoleon Dynamite please stand up

The after party was the best part. Private party in the Basement. No plebs. Free drinks. Band. I was dancing till 2am. Was awesome.

Monday was not a good day. Had to retire so early in the night. Caught a glimpse of some Oscar footage. It is really so boring these days. Jon Stewart was pretty a'ight though. I like how he doesn't hold back.

And I have the pleasure of announcing that Bendy has been visiting my site. It was a little scary many months ago, when he managed to somehow coincide the release of the weekly comic with the weekly happenings of my life. It still does indeed happen. But...I hope he cheers up soon. I myself had a bad patch recently. Happy to say I am now on the other side. Ebhead was in one too. Hang in there Bendy.

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