Sunday, March 12, 2006

This week's post

If you think I'm writing about that damn UIA function, forget it. I've seen there's been a couple of hits on the site meter. The regulars have been waiting for an update. Guess what?! I'm not satisfying that need... (having a deja vu moment there...)

All I will say is that I was glad I didn't wear black like every other Jew and his dog. Lucky for me, even though I had charged my camera, the batteries weren't properly charged and I couldn't take the necessary photos.

The one and only most exciting thing going on at the moment is the excitement of Bendependent writing to Eb and I. It even looks like there was a visit from Josh S, but I can't be too sure.

Eb wrote a whole post on the co-inky-dinks from bendy in the past. It is quite exhaustive. She didn't miss much. Just the post of the toilet and toilet politics. The other was "I'm so IMDBing that when we get back to earth. That $20 is soooo mine." The amount of times I've had a debate about who has been in what movie, when Steven Spielberg won his first Oscar for direction (but that came from my own personal trivia bank), all to be determined and the winner chosen by the IMDB search.

There's been a lot of bendependent memories. Eb, Fern and I had fights about who loved him more. I think I won when I got that postcard. The crew from work loved to get them. Lucas' and Marty's favourite would have to be the tea-bagging comic. Some of the others have dropped off the mailing list. All in all, when they're good, they're good comics.

My favourites have got to be "Heavens to Betsy",
also also "Cry me a freaking river, you pansy"
and also also also- the panel I cut out of one and stuck on my monitor:
"I've been so stressed out lately...and it's not just like one thing, it's like everything in my life".
When I read that little doozie, I had an epiphany.

Thanks Bendy, this has been cool. I think Eb is a bit more excited than I am though.


ebby271 said...

Yeah, I'm pretty excited, but it's not the most exciting thing that's happening in my life anymore. The most exciting thing is listening to "Lovers Le Strange" - the Expatriate EP (remember dancing with the lead singer's girlfriend?)

So read my blog - it's all about expatriate.

Wisey said...

Thanks for making me out to be a lesbian.