Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Love at the Moonlight

I ventured out to Moonlight Cinema last night. The sunset there is always amazing, and I'd put the other pictures up, except I look disgusting and there is nothing that photoshop can do for me. Still very brown though.

The pre was lots and lots of fun. But, you have to get there so early to get a good park inside. The only problem is that when you leave, the traffic is absolutely fucked. Best to park outside the park and walk out. Then you have smooth sailing baby.

So back to the pre. Hung out with some old work buddies. Was so much fun to chat together again. I don't think the others in our party liked it when all 5 of us were in the car and the 3 Musketeers (us) were going off on the old "Remember Whens".
This Wullfmorgenthaler was a hot topic.

And so was the bitchin' pig. Fern used to whinge so Eb and I decided every time she complained, she would have to put money in the pig. Fern ended up putting an upfront deposit in that pig.
Eb and I on the other hand, were frequent bitchers. The name of the bitchin' pig stuck more than whinging pig. That pig bought us many a lunch, many a snack and many a contraband item.

Favourite comment of the evening goes to Eb:

"Why does Bendy always have to have a penis in every comic??"

At Moonlight we saw The Goonies. This used to be one of my best movies as a kid and I don't think I've seen it since then. Sloth did scare the bejesus out of me, but I still loved it to bits. Especially that kid who is also in Temple of Doom, I loved him too.

But, last night I decided I'm not seeing any more old movies that I loved when I was younger. They are not nearly as good as I remember and I only end up walking away disappointed. But, it could also be because of the great time I had before and after the movie. I also hated those shits who screamed out all the catchphrases like "Hey, you GUYS!" and that chick infront of us who decided she was going to match the movie, word for word, and say the entire movie script while we watched it............... Almost worse than someone who reads over your shoulder.

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Ebby271 said...

I know. I used to love Milo & Otis. So my bro bought me the DVD for Christmas. The Dudley Moore voice over just doesn't cut it anymore.

I also want us all to reflect on the following quote:

"What's a camel toe?" - Fern Jeldrez, 2005