Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Joke me, Joke you

Timing a joke is key.
Making sure you say the right thing is probably more important, but at the same time, timing is bloody imperative.

I’m naturally funny. What can I say?
After years of watching shit Australian comedy like Hey Dad, Altogether Now and Acropolis Now, you get to know how not to be funny.

Steer clear of puns (a no-no for all copywriters). Steer clear of the obvious and whenever in doubt, just don’t go there. Some people I know like to call that last one constant vigilance.

I have often found with some people who know or think that I’m funny, they often just laugh at anything I say. With these people, I even throw in shit jokes just to check and to see if I’d ever want to associate with them again. If they laugh, I know- no more! It can however be fun; it’s like watching a dog chase its tail. Sometime it’s hard for them to keep up, but no matter what happens they still look like a fool.

Sometimes I resort to feeding people lines, so they can say the correct response and we all to get to laugh. I get disappointed when they don’t pick it.

I even reprimand people when they say a shit joke, telling them they could do better. This is probably wrong. I should probably stop doing that.

Anyone in my distant family falls into the category of stating the obvious. It’s so frustrating that I can never remember their attempted joke, but I can always remember that feeling of rolling my eyes at their shocking abilities. I feel ashamed to be associated with these people. Religious people also fall into this category – sorry but their just plain shit.

In magazines they often resort to puns. Here I can remember an example. If someone holds and umbrella write- “Brolly good show”. If someone is sitting on a wing of a plane, you write “X is winging it”. Quite an easy formula, yet painful to read. In the last couple of weeks I have seen two cases of “brolly good show.” Shocking.

And who can forget the sordid Dad Joke. There really is nothing more to say on that except, I do hit myself if I mistakenly go for one. Sorry if I have ever slapped you with a dad joke.

In the end, all I really want to do is laugh. Love laughing and I reckon that’s why I’m hardly ever sick...

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