Sunday, December 18, 2005

A weekend of Sex and the Beach

Well the weekend was off to a great one this week. There is a boy who has been harassing me and I don’t like him so much. There is a detailed report on my secret blog, but that shall remain a secret.

But, basically, over the last 4 weeks he has written me messages to which I have not replied. After about 2 weeks, the messages became:

Day 18: Hey the ever eluding beautiful stranger! The weekend’s here, any hope of seeing you?

Day 24: Hi deb! Hey listen i'm just curious ...what happened?

  • a) u left on holiday 2 tahiti soon afterwards (n ur still there)
  • b) u were hallucinating
  • c) u know more than 1 me
  • d) ur mobile only works 1 way
  • e) im hallucintaing

...hoping- me

Day 29: Hey! Can’t get u out of my head…still curious

So I either encounter guys who don’t treat me well enough or at all, and then on the other end of the spectrum we have these OCD nuts who can’t take a hint. Does failing to reply not constitute “I’m not interested” anymore?

Besides, I hate the sms anyway. You can only do sms when you want to be cute/romantic when you are a bit into a relationship and it’s too corny to say it out loud. This is the rule- stick to it! Gils knows what I’m talking ‘bout.

Note: These messages are actually ok, had they come from someone I was actually interested in.

Saturday Night
It was a lovely Saturday afternoon lazing around someone’s garden and overlooking park. Thanks for that. And then in the evening we moved to this Fuzzy uniform party. Was great to go as pilots, AGAIN. That costume has probably paid for itself 10 times over.
It was also nice to go without having to look like an absolute skank, like these builder girls were. They latched on to every guy that moved. I think I even saw one sidle up to a bar stool because it resembled a male in shape and form.

This photo will do until I get the ones from the weekend (considering I'm the only person in the pic who was actually there on Saturday night...).

The sex part to the weekend:- We were lucky enough to view a strip show at this party. Was a bit of a surprise and something I don’t think I really needed to see. The guys liked it. But 3 women pouring and rubbing beer all over their naked bodies, then jumping all over each other is something I really don’t need to see.

Sunday was the beach part of the weekend. Neilsen Park is a great beach. These little beaches kick so much ass (and come to think of it, probably tit too) on Bondi it’s not even funny.

And going supermarket shopping with friends is so much fun. Especially when you try and put big salamis in other people’s trolleys because you know they NEED it.

Great weekend girls. Ta.


Anonymous said...

secret blog?? Whats the story, or are you just blogteasing.

Big Brother said...

You shouldn't be mentioning Neilsen Park. It is meant to remain a secret.

All we need is another place you go to on Saturday night which is over-crowded with Monaros.