Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Back to being a clumsy fuck

I'm often clumsy. I walk into my bed a lot and there is a spot on both legs where impact is noticeable. Right under my knees on the outer calves. And I haven't done it in ages. I've been really good.

Being quite tall, I usually have a tendency to forget about what my legs are doing, where they are going, and they do often get tangled up in other destinations. It is somewhat entertaining and everyone else never fails to laugh, so that's a plus.

I remember those Adventure emails I used to write (thank god for the blog now, because you don't have to be subjected to it if you don't want to). There was that week where everyday something else happened:

  1. My parents were away and I had that party. I dropped a bottle of wine straight through the glass shelf in the fridge
  2. Couldn't find my glasses and turns out I'd driven over them, trying to find them! Lucky the warranty expired the next day
  3. In a series of complicated events, I got paint all over myself
  4. Smashed myself at the Unigym...damn mirrors

So what have I done to myself now???
Take a peek at my watch- more smashed than me on a saturday night.

I was walking down the inter office stairs and slipped all the way from the top to the bottom. I also had a peanut butter sandwich in my hand at the time, which thankfully went all over me.

Usually I'm pretty OK in these experiences, but I didn't realise how bad it was till I got home (I even bailed on a party to go home....crazy huh?!). I have massive bruises on both elbows, my heel is stinging with pain when I put weight on it and there is a boulder sized lump coming out of my leg with a fantastic bruise to match.

I finally have an excuse to take a sick day and I can't because there is too much work to do... and I know somewhere at the back of my head I can hear "Karma" and my latest favourite phrase of the moment

"...sympathy goes where...?"

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Wisey said...

Now I have whiplash too. But work is going to pay for everything.
Still hurts though. That sux.