Thursday, December 22, 2005

Still obsessed with the sitemeter

I can't do anything for more than 5 minutes.

My internal body clock knows holidays are 2 days away. My restlessness is insatiable.

In the meantime, I check the sitemeter every now and then. Someone is scaring the bejesus out of me. Or more accurately, I'm just really curious as to who you are.

You work, or your IP address is with Siemens in Victoria and you look at my blog at least twice a day, for extended periods of time.
There ain't that much there, I don't know what you keep clicking through to.

I'm guessing it's you that wrote the comment about the secret blog (because I could pretty much tell from the site meter)- and yes it does exist.

I just want to know who it is. I don't think I know anyone that works at Siemens...and in Melbourne........ very curious.

Other shite

  • When did 'shit' get a conjugation license to go past tense?
  • 2 Cool guys in the States went running through their Uni library in Pacman suits.
  • Some guy wants to sell his horse on eBay. Scary shite.
  • There is a 2 mouthed fish to go with the 3 eyed fish, Blinky. Smoke it up and eat it.

And fuck I hate christmas -just the annoying way shops go spastic, how they play crap christmas music and I'm scared of those hideous festive jumpers that americans wear.

I do love those Puppet cartoons though- Father Time, Rudolph and some other top ones they have. They are from the 60's. They also have them at Easter.

..Have a good one.

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