Thursday, December 01, 2005

The craziest, if not the strangest 5 minutes of my life

I just had a lunch with a couple of work buddies.
We were sitting in a pub in this beautiful muggy, balmy, hot weather drinking beers. I had an excellent vantage point watching all the fashion mistakes and generally funny looking people walk past.
There was some big fatty, someone who looked pregnant who was just a fatty, a crazy handlebar moustache man, someone who walked like Quasimodo (who at first glance I thought was N8 and had to do a double take...sorry)-turns out it was Quasimodo and some interesting G-String compilations.

It was hard for me to stop saying something everytime someone walked past. But by the end of my beer I was just laughing and not saying anything- an achievement.

But when we left the pub, this is when the crazy shite started.
Some very very tall man was walking infront of us, but bouncing along like one of those puppets from the Sound of Music Puppets (there was an old man with a lonely goat). That was slightly amusing.

Then Little Barney told me to hang on, he had to go get his glasses. He came back with these chunka frames and no lenses. Funny. Then he ran away and that guy who lives in Bondi who wears the dresses, he started walking towards us, and we were on Pitt St of all places.

(not the same guy, but good enough)

Now, this would just be strange on a normal day, but considering we had been so damn critical of everyone, it would take every ounce of our strength to hold it in. The man was equidistant between Jo and I, and then the guys on the other side of him.
They were pissing themselves and pointing at him as we walked towards them. We were laughing too. I had to yell some random comment at Barney to cover my laughing. I don't think it worked. Dressman turned around to look straight at me.
Lesson to self:- never do that again.

We crossed the road.
5 seconds later: Barney gave one of those indian restaurant cards to some woman. She started screaming at him.
7 seconds later: Some ugly walked infront of us with no T-Shirt and the wierdest looking mullet you've ever seen
10 seconds later: A biker got hit by a car
15 seconds later: Charlie guessed which lift would come first and Seaman ditched us for the express lift. Gabe wished he went and pressed all the buttons so Seaman would be fucked. But as all things are in hindsight...we never did it and wished we had.

So a crazy 5 minutes, huh?

Quick news update
White party was good last night. Not as pretentious as they usually are and because everyone was in white, you couldn't tell who was gay and who was straight.

My straight friend got picked up by a gay guy (well a gay guy attempted to pick him up, of course there was no chance). We were offered drugs, I said I was a pansy (wrong venue to say that....another note to self), but all in all a pretty good night. Apparently the Ralph party was shit anyway, so we did well.

This is something that I guess a lot of people will find amusing and I want to post it anyway. Click on the pic if you are intrigued

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