Sunday, November 27, 2005

I feel like posting because I can

Thanks all for a great weekend. A thanks also goes to the Taj Mahal. It was memorable. As memorable as the Dyson DC15...

So Saturday was a crazy day hey? Started off a little chilly and turned way too hot. I was wearing those dumb legging tights again and nearly died. Thank god I had that lunchtime alcohol in me, otherwise it could have been much worse.
The afternoon nap made it all worthwhile.

I finished that new Tom Wolfe book on Friday night- I am Charlotte Simmons. Great book. I had that horrible/exciting Catch 22 where you want to finish the book so you know the end, but at the same time you don't want it to end because then it will all be over. So that's two good books in a row. Quite rare I think (Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is a top book and the one before). I'm happy to take any suggestions.

I almost forgot to mention- that Party on Saturday night. Was a bit funny getting there, forgetting my wallet, deciding to bail, deciding to go, torrential rain, blasts from the past.
Next, there was so much boob there! Every where I looked I copped more and more boob. Is there some boob exposure contest that I don't know about?! I don't think I want to play though (actually, I don't want to play at all), I'm just curious.

And I don't watch the OC, but walking into that place, I felt like I was at a Summer Party on the set of the OC. It's a shame Handbag wasn't there, he would have felt so at home.
Speaking of handbag, we had our photo taken at the inthemix party for S in the Daily Telegraph. I made him say he was DJ Handbag and I was DJ Wisey (and in hindsight, I really should have made it Wisecrack). Lo and behold our picture wasn't in there, and neither was the entire inthemix party! Oh well. I probably looked totally smacked in the photo anyway and I think the HB is getting pissed at me calling him Handbag all the time!!

Back to Shabbos- on Saturday we had this whole conversation about old tv shows we used to watch. Everyone had a great repertoire, but the strangest thing was the way everyone had to sing the theme song as soon as they mentioned the show. It was like some weird automated brain programming iteration that everyone does whenever they mention an old tv show.
I wish they put on all those shows again, I don't watch any new TV and they don't make it like they used to.
I've been watching some old Degrassi Junior High episodes. Good old Stephanie Kaye, Joey's hats and the rest of the gang. I used to think they were so sophisticated and handled "the issues" so well. Watching it now, they are such pishers and it is more comedic than serious. I'm loving it. And I always thought Joey only wore that pork pie hat. He wears tonnes of cool hats. He was really ahead of his time.

Last night a couple of us went to see this great movie. Despite the fact the message I got was "We're going to a movie, you me and everyone else," I thought that was who was going, but no- that was the name of the movie (you, me and everyone else). Great movie. Arty. Great. I even liked how when the kids were on Messenger, they spellchecked and made sure their grammar was all in order. Apostrophes were in the right place (the old it's V its).
It was one of those ones where everyone interconnects. A little bit loopy, but that's the way I like it!

Other news on the front line
We know how much I love Killoggs (they also like correct spelling and coherent sentences). The other day they had this huge fight with some wanker, Art something-something. It's actually really funny. The guy is a moron. I'm also tempted to tell him not to write to the killoggers, like I did, you only end up getting burned. But, I don't want to get burned again
They found some cool "Worst songs on i-tunes" list. Pretty funny stuff.
Read the stuff where Brandon goes nuts, if you have time. I've always secretly loved Brandon.

Funny we were speaking about Karate Kid and Happy Days on the weekend, because Pat Morita died! He was cool and he was so much better working in Arnold's than Big Al (you know it's true).

The good people at Tzahal have developed a dog translator. It can work out the difference between a hello bark and an angry bark. Lucky someone did!

And the shite has been going down with this Sony Rootkit stuff. I do have a blog in gestation about my whole love affair with music piracy, but I have a feeling it won't be ready for another couple of weeks.
However, Sony has been very bad and I doubt the whole "let's fuck up your computer" thing was deliberate. arrogant!


Ebby271 said...

Read "Lunar Park" by Bret Easton Ellis. Refer to my blog for further info: (Sorry, I'm not nerdy enough to know how to hyperlink this. Just Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V it).

Nicole said...

Forget about old TV shows - what about old movies - like The Sound of Music? We watched it every year on TV but I never saw the ending because I'd always fall asleep. Now they've put it out on DVD with some bonus material. It's worth watching just to see it without the ads. And the kids loved it - it's timeless!