Monday, December 05, 2005

A bloggite

It's so strange how fast technology moves.
It's even stranger how fast we become acclimatised to the new technology.

We went from chunka tapedecks with headphones
to walkmans
to discmans
to mp3 players
and not in a very long time frame either.

There is a cute little man who gets my ferry. He listens to his mini tapedeck with headphones (batteries included) and dances to the music. I have even seen him do some "Heil Hitler" moves on the bus. Walking behind him, he has even skipped to the music. It has brought a smile to my face and given strangers reason to chat to me (lucky they were good looking, otherwise it may have been a problem).

I don't know why it's weird- I carry my Zen (yes, I have a Zen, I am impervious to elaborate iPod marketing tactics!) and I don't strap it to my body. Maybe it has to do with the fact there is actual physical music content inside a discman (such a dumb name) or walkman, instead of just bytes...

But it is still so weird to see someone walking/running around actually carrying a large music listening device. There is something so 80's and yesteryear about it.

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