Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Back to my IT roots

Well you know, I never really thought podcasting would take off. Well, not in the state it was a couple of months ago. Randoms leaving crap casts all over the shop- it wasn’t pretty.

Now I subscribe to a couple good ones. Acoustic Tuesdays (I love acoustic sounds), Ricky Gervais, Rock and Roll Jew Show, JerryTime. These are some sweet casts.

Not only that, now there are vodcasts and bodcasts and blogs and moblogs and voblogs. People bandy the terms around like they know what they mean, and they don’t.

If I hear one more person talk about a video, slash, TV podcast, with utmost conviction that they know what it is, who knows what I’ll do. The last time someone said that, I said “Do you mean Vodcast?” and they just looked at me with that contempt of their realization that I’m an IT geek. Of course they replied in total ignorance “No, I mean a video slash TV podcast.”


So this is the drill people
Blog: A shortened form of the term weblog. Basically an online diary.
Moblog: A mobile phone blog. You can update your blog from your phone, with text, mms and if you have the feature, video.
Voblog: A video blog. You use a webcam. You put webcam vids on your blog.
Podcast: This is any sound file an individual generates to be distributed across the internet. You can listen to it anywhere- MP3 player, your PC. You can even download it on to a disc if you so wish.
Vodcast: Like a podcast, but video. You can watch this one on a sexy nano.
Bodcast: Playboy has launched their own version. I guess you can watch T&A on your Nano. Hot?

My last gripe is spellcheck. It’s about time Word added Blog and Podcast to spellchecker!

Some other funny stuff I’ve seen
This guy is a copywriter. One of his little vignettes (Sandwich board) is about people’s ignorance when it comes to apostrophes and the various forms of you’re/your and there/their/they’re, etc. It’s not only me that has this problem. It’s quite crazy how often I see people get agitated about this (and it’s always only over the net)
Unemployed Copywriter

This dude has made a cool vodcast. Watch it!
It's jerry time

Some funny music video. If only these guys could lip sync properly
Hung up You Tube

This is a site where you think the pics are rudey bits, but they aren’t. It’s funny how the site looks like it’s porn.


Anonymous said...

'Blogs fall under the same defamation and other laws that regulate all media organisations in the country.'

Nicole said...

You're not the only one to have punctuation gripes - read Lynne Truss' book "Eats, Shoots and Leaves" - it's got some great examples. Thanks to email and SMS, I think the next generation (Z?) is largely illiterate when it comes to spelling and punctuation.

Wisey said...

Well, Sara (aka Nicole), nice spelling of Vigilance...