Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Blogger War

I just realized….I don’t want to look at anyone’s blog who has a site metre. They’ll know when I look at it, how often and what pages I go on. It will also up their site hits! Screw that.

I love that they look at my blog. In a sick kind of way I love seeing when they came on, which pages they saw, how much time they spent. Even their IP address. It's freaky.

I guess anon's be warned- I know when you log on, I sort of know who you are. It sometimes even says which company you work for!

The funniest thing, in the first couple of days I had the site metre (which would be this week... someone please give me some work to do!), I noticed a message board had been the referral to my site. So I went to go see what they had said. It's a bloody members only thing, so I requested membership. I got rejected. They are still looking at my blog!!! It's weird. I don't even know any of these people- Aviva, Deborah, Joanne, Lucy, Siveing, Tahnya, Veronica (and Catherine).
Any takers? Strange... Who are they?

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