Friday, December 09, 2005

A weekend full of promise.

The weekends of late, haven’t been so good.
It’s been the usual drill- Friday night, home by sunset, in bed by 9. Saturday is either a day of tanning by the pool or long leisurely drunken lunches at friends’ houses.

Saturday night is kick off after the warm up. Get dressed up to the nines, baby. I used to have this thing where I themed my outfits. It was fun for a while, and pretty cool. There was rock bitch, Egyptian…and I think that was it. It probably only lasted 2 weeks.

But Saturday nights are the be all and end all. Last week a friend made a beautiful comment about Saturday nights, which I’m sure I cannot mention. However, it made me realize why I’m in the community I’m in and why I am bounded to it.

Saturday night is a time to let loose, expectations are failed, met or exceeded and who knows what could happen. Although, lately they are a little boring and I need to give myself challenges to stay interested- dares to go and talk to people, be a general fool, just give myself something to laugh at….however I think I would prefer quiet drunken evenings at someone’s residence.

Sunday is followed by breakfast, beach and/or walking around somewhere.

It’s getting a little monotonous. But it is what I do.

Let’s see what this weekend will bring. Let’s see what I’ll get up to. Let’s see if it will be different………please, let it be different!

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