Sunday, November 20, 2005

Random is the Season

Too much random shite has been happening to me lately. The worst part of it all is that I have so many friends who are into hi-jinx, that I can't help getting paranoid and thinking they are pranking me.

It started last week.

MSN and Yocheved
I'm sitting at my desk one day. Some random decides to add me to her MSN. That little window popped up and I thought why not? May be a friend of a friend...whatever. So I add her.
We don't know eachother, but turns out, she is Jewish, I'm Jewish. We have a lot in common.

The wierd thing is, she is quite religious. So religious in fact, she started asking me some very personal questions about boys and the like, since she has never really had any physical interaction with them.
I'd put some of the conversation here, but it seems pretty boring now. It was stuff like "Have you ever kissed a boy" and "How will I ever find my beshert?"!
Wierd. If you would like it, I'll forward it to you.

So...if you want to find out if this person is authentic, her hotmail is:
Tell her I say hi. My last words to her were "I'm really busy right now, but check out my blog. If you have any questions speak to me after that"

Love those calls from no one in particular
Yesterday I got a missed call from a number I didn't know. My curiosity never fails to pique my interest. I had to sms...
"Missed call...who are you?"
The person wrote back "Maureen"!
Come on!
If you are doing a prank, think of a better name than Maureen!
So I wrote back:
"Hey Maureen. How you doin'? What can I do you for?"
Maureen told me about some chick, Christine Baines, is applying for an international Student position.

Maureen's number is 0417 592 495 (for those not in Australia +61417592495).
Please give her a call and ask how Chris went in the interviews. Or tell Maureen something else about Christine. I'm sure you can step up to the proverbial creative plate. I have faith in you all.

Random for the sake of being random
David Hirsch, you made my blog too! But I don't like it when you speak in the Russian voice. I don't like. Stop it. It scares me.

Getting birthday messages from someone using someone else's lost phone
So someone was meant to turn up to my birthday shin dig last night. They seem to be a pretty good friend, but have wierd phobias of the agora, ochlo and demo kind (look up definitions here).
But, they never came.
Later, I got home, tanked. And they called...but it wasn't them. It was someone who had found their phone in a carpark in Pyrmont.
I had a whole chat with this dude about my birthday drinks and how the owner of the phone didn't pitch. And I guess I also threw in my life story, because, I was drunk.
We both went to retrieve the phone today. The guy didn't want anything in return which is to be expected.
I found some wealthy wasp's wallet once. He started pulling some cash out of the wad from his wallet, but you really can't say yes. You just want the person to stop feeling that anguish from losing their possession (particularly high anguish items like wallet, phone or handbag). You are happy in the fact you have ended their anguish.

Reminder and thanks
So thanks Blogspot for sponsoring my party last night. Everyone who got free drink vouchers had a great time.
Pics will be on flickr eventually (pics are now up).
But remember, the birthday is on Toosday! Be seeing you at inthemix!

The picture was changed due to disapproval...


N8_da_GR8 said...

Yeah, Maureen's pretty nice. She teaches with Christine Baines in Footscray. She's nice - I met Christine on an internet chat room about cars, apparently.
Christine's interested in an international student position, somewhere.
Not to be confused with Chris Lovelock, who is someone else entirely, but it was hard to learn more about.
Goals for someone else - find out what Chris Lovelock does for a living, and how old Chris, Christine & Maureen all are.

Anonymous said...

Who knows a piece of drama called when the wind changed?
I don't. I don't even know what you're talking about!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know who Dorothy Parker is, but based on the fact that I don't know who she is, she's most likely quite shit.

Wisey said...

You don't know who Dorothy Parker is?!
I'm sorry for living. I'm sorry for knowing things that you don't. I didn't know it wasn't allowed. Whoops.
I'm also sorry that we can't all be like you, in the faith that you have in things you don't know anything about and their subsequent unimportance.

Whomever you are, that is one of the most arrogant comments I have ever heard.
Either get educated (heard of a thing called Google?) or, call Maureen!