Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Loud and Proud

Yeah, I'm a fervent jew.
It seems I can't go one day at work without some reference to Judaism cropping up.
It's either a little shiur on the balcony about the laws of kashrut, or I get harassed by the fact that I would never go out on a Friday night (and for fuck's sake can't even watch TV, but it's not like I watch TV anyway!).

The funniest is when I get asked about going out with a non jewish guy, or goy as we like to call 'em.
It won't happen, never will and it isn't a cop out either, but I'll get to that later. I have gone out a couple times with some goyim, but they were just time fillers and when it got to the end of the night, I always had to bolt before things got tricky.

To practice or not to practice
Judaism is a pretty colourful culture. It's got lots of holidays, good food, great music and a sweet path of history.
A lot of people, mostly jewish, see the whole religion as a bunch of rules and limitations. It's not that at all. There are some pretty good things in there that help you live a really fulfilled life and it doesn't have to do with not watching TV on a Friday night, or not eating pork. Those things are peripheral. The guidelines and the ideas which help you to be a good person, that's where the quality is (and I promise you most people do it wrong anyway- they worry about the peripherals...those damn peripheral jews).

The cop out
I'm pretty observant. I love my weekly time out on shabbat. I don't eat non kosher meat or crustacea (damn crustaceans!). I don't go to work on any of the jewish holidays and lately work has allowed me to do the switcheroo on my holidays versus secular public holidays. I don't give a damn about working on easter monday...bring it on baby.
So suffice to say I live a pretty jewish life, and I don't plan on doing it on my own. That would be too hard. So screw the "what about love?" comments, or "what if you're compatible?"- the fact remains, if they aren't into the Jewish thing and see it as a cult, then they got nothing.
So Barney, you're right. I would have said no to your proposal, but thanks for thinking of me.

So is it a cult?'s just fun. And I reckon God has a sense of humour too. Just look at Oprah.
Life was never meant to be taken too seriously. Problems always fix themselves, if you make a mistake, you learn. A lot of people lose sight of the big picture. For me, Judaism helps. I don't think I could ever make it through a week full of parties without knowing that my Friday night is there to tuck me into bed no later than 8.30pm.

I could speak all day about how I hate Ba'al Teshuvas (BT's- these are the people who return to religion and become psychotic spiritual fiends), but it's mean and they're nuts.

Plus there are all better fun cultural things we have. Like Bar Mitzvahs!
Take a look at this. A montage of the old Bar Mitzvah from the 80's. Everything is still the same!
Girls dress up in that mid pubescent awkward stage, and the guys are still boys and have no idea what to do. It was the aim of the bar mitzvah to make the most disgusting concoction you could think of with any of the food that was supplied. My favourite was pouring sugar into the soft drinks and watch them go spastic. I guess you could say it was my introduction to Science.

And a special happy birthday to Ebhead!


GladtobeGreg said...
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GladtobeGreg said...

Here's a little bit of trivia about Judaism and spirituality (a.k.a. ):
The reason there are some tasks, or
613 Mitzvot, in Judaism is to assist the spirit/soul to ascend to a high plain and existence. I am making it clear that I’m not comparing Judaism to Kabbalah or visa versa. But they are connected at some level...

Each Mitzvah has a spiritual significance that goes further than the simply task of obeying rules and doing actions surrounding kashrut or Shabbat. In fact, the actions you take on this spiritual plain (the physical world) have implications for the next level up. Unfortunately, I don't know have these significances down pat, but I can say that religion and spirituality can be used together to achieve a common goal of spirituality or not. This being said, people who study Kabbalah, under the guidance of a Kabbalist, can attain higher spirituality without the need to actively observe traditional and religious practices.

Your bday was great too Deb!

Anonymous said...

speaking of bar mitzvahs that havent changed since the 80s.....I actually made mention of something along those lines to someone at your do on sunday...
do you notice now that we are in the "Wedding phase" that they are still playing the same music as they were when we were doing the bar/bat mitzvah thing? ie that "Hot, Hot, Hot" song and "Love is in the Air". I mean over 10 years have gone by, surely there are some new songs out there! what is with this "Hot, hot, hot" business?? it is such a crap song!

Nicole said...

Good for you Debs!
That Bar Mitzvah album is tops - I can see myself in some of those pics. Why are teenagers so dorky??

Hope you find your bashert.