Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Youth Day laws: Thou shalt not annoy or trespass

SMH: EXTRAORDINARY new powers will allow police to arrest and fine people for "causing annoyance" to World Youth Day participants and permit partial strip searches at hundreds of Sydney sites, beginning today.
The laws, which operate until the end of July, have the potential to make a crime of wearing a T-shirt with a message on it, undertaking a Chaser-style stunt, handing out condoms at protests, riding a skateboard or even playing music, critics say.

You have to love Australian common sense
Who doesn't love to laugh at a Catholic?! Well, I know Christians are even funnier. But I love how the country knows this and wants to protect them. So very cute.

Security of whoever these fucks are, just know people are going to go round the city and terrorise these little Catholics. And if the security officers aren't anal retentives, they are going to try their very best not to laugh.

I just hope there is none on that tazering bullshit that you see in the U.S. If people let a little crazy over a graphic on a t-shirt, that would be a good time to take a step back and reassess.

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