Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wankers, harrys and losers

As far as I can see, there is nothing much going on today....except a prolific amount of wankers opening their mouths when they shouldn't.

You know those dicks who say "I don't watch TV" or even "I don't own a TV"? When clearly there are some excellent shows on the air these days that are worth watching. Shows that actually entertain and enrich your life in some way. AND clearly these people have to watch some TV at some time or another. I just don't buy it. Even if you don't watch TV as such - at the specified time on the specified channel, you're going to download it or buy the pirate in Thailand or something.

Well someone just took it to the next level:
"I'm trying out that new lifestyle where I don't read magazines or newspapers. EVERYTHING is online!"
Sorry but that is just so gay (not gay as in homosexual, but gay as in lame!). The words "i'm trying out that new lifestyle" seriously irk me. What fucking lifestyle? And there is some implication that some authority dictated this new way of life. Please, it's not a way of life it's a preference.
It reminds me of the time someone said "Are you going to that conference that EVERYONE has been talking about?"
Everyone? Who the fuck is everyone? And why do I care about some boring conference where people postulate and gesticulate over total bullshit? I'd rather talk to the homeless midget on the corner. He probably has something more interesting to say than a bunch of wankers who don't watch TV, read newspapers and certainly don't touch a magazine!

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