Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fuck my blog is good

Reading over some past entries has been entertaining. A shame I've let it wane. I could be oblivious to it being shit, but the fact it's my life log makes me think it's good.
Whatever... I'm bringing it back with a vengeance!
Be prepared to watch this space...

In the meantime: An introduction to Ivy Brown.
This little lady is the shit!
I met her at her gallery in Meat Packing.
She is friends with Banksy. She knew Leigh Bowery.
She is a fucking power house of great story and adventure and makes a great ice tea too.
I will definitely be interacting with Ms Brown again and she even said she could hook me up with Banksy!

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Ebhead said...

Thought I'd come back and see what's happening in the world of blah blah blah... Wisey is on the forefront of all things cool and balance is yet again restored in the world.