Wednesday, December 05, 2007


There is a girl at my office who will not step on the cracks or old bits of petrified chewing gum.
The first time I saw it I asked her if she was trying to miss the cracks and she asked me how I knew?
Well, I knew because she looked like an absolute idiot analysing the floor underneath her feet.
Ever since then, when I see her, I tease her about it. It really isn't normal and I tease her because why not?!
I don't even know her name, she is just crazy cracked cracks girl.

One day she told me it wasn't just the cracks, she almost had this air of validity like this was even more justified. It was also the chewing gum stains on the floor.
Mental case.

I just saw her walk past my office, glance down and place her feet carefully in designated approved areas. I still can't believe the insanity.

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