Friday, October 26, 2007

Feeling good about being aussie

You know, a few years ago, Australians had massive overseas envy. We just always seemed to feel second, even third best, at everything we attempted.
We just couldn't seem to achieve the same sort of professionalism that other countries seemed to possess.

Well now, I've worked out what it is.

Those other countries just had a confidence associated with their existing culture. Italy, France, America, England, Germans, Swiss - all of these countries have their own stereotypical qualities that their citizens exude.
When you have the national costume for each of these countries at the Miss Universe pageant, you know what each of these countries is going to where. What would Miss Australia inevitably wear?? A hat with corks on it?? Not really national attire.

Australia was never really sure of what they were as a culture. We only recently grew into the idea that our laid back, mateship, fun in the sun approach is actually a culture that we're proud of.

We don't need pretense, we don't need theatrics. We aren't jealous of anyone because we're happy with what we've got. All that envy has slipped away and it hasn't been a conscious evolution of thought, we just sort of stopped giving a shit. Which pretty much sums up the culture as well.

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