Tuesday, January 02, 2007

My week off

This week was one of the most deserved weeks of my entire life. I had no real plans, I wasn't tied down to anything specific and I just floated along the week of sun, surf (well not really in my case- I scared of waves and I can't dive), bikinis and alcohol.

It was fantastic. And most probably the reason I refrained from blogging.

Highlights would be my $45 massage, my facial, the inability to stop spending money on socialising and the beginnings of a fantastic tan.

Reminiscing about my massive bruise from last year was also well remembered.

There wasn't really anything that happened that would be bloggable. All the stories are too long winded and by the time you get to the punchline, you've already forgotten what happened at the beginning. But I am again hooked on playing 500 and I am a master of the backgammon board. No one believes I can take home the Open Misere. David, remember all the times I've done it??

One thing funny did happen today. I was dared to eat 2 beroccas for $10. Easy money I say. I used to eat Beroccas as a kid. But I've never done 2 before. Now I'm burping up a storm!

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Dot Co Dot Il said...

500 is a game but with the right partner it can be bliss.

Nothing better than being on the same wavelength and using deduction, logic and instinct to keep the right card and bring down your opponents.