Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Horror and infamy

This weekend.......was hot. 'twas awesome. All the trappings of hot weather were there
  • Spiders everywhere. Those Andrew Cross spiders own my garden. I walked into one. It was a fucking nightmare and their little bulbous bodies are rock hard. That movie Aracnophobia still freaks me out.
    I was walking around with a stick to knock any webs out of my way. I felt like Indy.
  • Birds that just won't shut up
  • Kids screaming across neighbourhoods as they jump into pools, peppered with the sounds of "Mum! MUM, look at me!!!"
Friday night was fun. I went to some new friends for dinner, and on the way home I found a pair of sneakers. When I got home it took me about 15 minutes of failing abysmally at throwing them over the power cables. It's actually quite exhausting. You throw the sneakers so far away and you have to get them every time you miss. It's a pain in the ass. In the end, I was told correct technique (hold the shoes together and throw, don't use one like a lasso and then throw like I did....).
Suffice to say, I was successful on the second go! Not bad at all.
Will be a very joyous occasion every time I walk past those babies.

Shabbat was quiet. Real quiet. I had about 16 hours sleep. I finished a book I've been trying to read for the past 4 months and it's only 180 pages long. It's been so disjointed I feel as fucked up reading it as the guy who is in it.

On Sundee, I tried working on a laptop and sunning myself at the same time. The hard part was touching the black keys, they just kept on getting hotter as the day went on. I think I have finger burn.
Worst part of the day: Walking to the pool, deciding to clean it and spotting a dead kookaburra in the water. I saw one of them milling around the pool on Friday, had I known it was a goner, I would have gone to save it. Now my pool is contaminated. It was so difficult getting the corpse out of the water without touching it. Birds are filthy animals.
I was so focused, I didn't even think first "Must take photo for blog". Only after I had thrown the animal into the no man's land did I think to take a pic. There are it's legs. It stank. I hope by now it has decomposed...

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