Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The party smarty

Well, we had the big party on the weekend at Peppermint Lounge.
It appears there were 6 parties on that night, with 400 other people on doorlists.

As I am adamant that big, blow in parties are not my thing, I had no concerns with this do whatsoever.

I used to do them a few years ago, but I've since pulled out. You get neurotic:
  • Did I send EVERYONE the invite?
  • Did I send the invite to those dicks I wasn't meant to send it to?
  • Is the venue big enough?
  • Is the venue small enough?
  • Will people drink?
  • Will people turn up?
  • Will the music be good?
  • Do I really have to talk to those people who I never see except at random parties?
  • Why can't I just talk to my friends?
  • What will I wear?
  • Will I look hot?
  • No one better wear the same outfit as me
  • I hope I don't get paralytic.
  • Is that bitch gonna turn up?
  • I hope there are enough randoms (new people are always good)

This list is long, the pressure high. As I resigned myself to the fact I was not going to care, I had no worries at all. Someone even suggested I not turn up. I quite liked that idea. The so daring act which is just too impossible to fathom amongst those I know. It would either catapult me into' social suicide' or 'social 15 minutes of fame stardom'.

It never happened.

But I did ponder the idea for a good while. I got to the party late in any case because of Shabbat. And the weather was atrocious- it rained the entire day and night. I also took my new wayfarers that Kinsey and Floe got me, because they were cool and we looked like losers/trendites when we put them on (loser/trendites because there were clearly 2 schools of thought on the matter).
However, the red/white/black combo is definitely a winner.

A pseudo celeb also turned up- one of the intruders from Big Brother. He wanted me to crouch down, so he wouldn't appear so short, but I refused. I told him I knew he was short when I saw him on the television, I detest his kind of celebrity and unfortunately perspective has ruined the shot and we appear the same height.

And I'm tired of having to bend down in photos. It hurts my thighs. The photo below of Deb and I just shows the real difference. I'm a full head taller. AND she is stretching up.

It was a pretty good party all up. Deb sorted us out so well with food and venue. Thanks Deb. The bongo dude even turned up and I got to hear a bit of the saxophonist (who I thought was a saxaphonist).

And I left early, around 12.30. That place was just too hot inside. There was a lot of exclamation about me leaving my party early, but I don't understand what the big deal is. It was just a party. All the important people I see every week. I still don't get it. I also wasn't in such a "let's get smashed" mood. Even though later, the alcohol was clearly having some effects on me (heat, wooziness and dehydration).
I'm sorry I left, but I wasn't being too exciting. I only did about 3 shoulder moves and I wasn't as funny as I usually am (I'm just saying it to make you feel better).

More pics below...

I had to paste open eyes on Nic in this pic, because there were 3 takes beforehand and she had closed eyes in every one

A lot of bending down photos were taken. I'm sick of having to bend down to accomodate short people in photos

I said Drex's ass looked good, so we took a photo

Deb and Kate thought they had hot asses and also wanted photos

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GladtobeGreg said...

Nice snaps! Sorry I missed your bday this year. Wish I was there.

C u soon in Syd!