Monday, September 11, 2006

A slice of retro

Meet my new phone.
Remember these babies?
These were cool right before the camera phones came out.

It's so prehistoric (for a phone it is) that I don't know how to navigate it. The user friendly traits only came in with the colour, bigger screens.

The ringtones are so intensely annoying. MIDI files are the worst invention known to man.
And it's so old that it doesn't have a silent mode. You can turn the ringer off. But no silent mode.
So messages beep real loud and the keypad beeps.

And I just realised, if someone calls me and I forget to do silent, I can't press that magic silent button. Nor do I have a "reject" function.
When it happens, and I know it will (knowing me), the whole room will have to endure the incessant ring tone until it goes to voice mail.

Despite all the phone dramas, I can now start afresh with a new list. I can replace my phone which had a huge crack in it anyway (which makes me wonder why the taxi driver went off with it. It doesn't even have a camera for god's sake). One good thing did happen this week. I finally changed my light bulb which I thought was stuck in the fitting. It only took me 8 months. Go me.

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