Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My afternoon of free lottery tickets

The other day I found $2.
Not on the floor in my place, or in a pocket. I literally found a random $2 in the street.

I thought "cool", I though "bitchin' ", I thought "I'm going to see how far I can take this $2"

So I went and bought a lottery ticket. A $2 scratchie.

At first I was one hotdog off $100K.
There was innuendo exclaimed at this point, around my office, when I exclaimed I was one hotdog off 100 Grand.
And then, I got 3 caps and won $3.

So it was straight back to the Newsagent for me.

I got another $2 and and a $1. But I had to pay 10 cents for the damn one dollar scratchie. It wasn't even for GST. It was agency fees! What a rort (the spelling of this word still confuses me by the way).

From this, the scratchie chain pretty much died. I got one more $1 free scratchie and that was it.

I lost 10 cents! All that garbage and I actually LOST money.

It also got me thinking. I instantly ran back to the newsagent to re-gamble my $3. If I had gotten that other hotdog, would I just as quickly have run back to regamble my $100,000?

I probably would have been a good jew, invested it in a couple of guaranteed stocks and bonds...doubled my money in no time, put a deposit on a house......done some charity work....what else do jews do with money?

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