Monday, September 18, 2006

Drunken benders et al

In some ways I wish it was this drunk Bender (he is the funniest robot I know), that I'm talking about.

It was more a week of this kind of drunk bender:

On Wednesday night, work took me out (and some others) for dinner. I am the golden child, so it was all about Me, Me and more Me.
It was a lot of fun. Some gossip was dropped.
But silly me filled up on all the entree of pizza, not knowing there was more excellent goodness to come.
So then I had to sit there watching everyone else eat while I just kept on drinking. So no real biggie there.
The biggest thing that happened was that I gave my clickr away to someone who deserves it more than I do. Plus the thing was one of the stupidest/dumbest/lamest ideas I have ever gotten into my head.

Then on Thursday night I went to Dancers in the Cross. This is a strip club. And I wasn't going there randomly, it was a work function with Ralph magazine. There were a couple clients there, so I ventured out. When there are photos, I'll let you know...

Was full of men, ugly/strippy/tarty women, and then my drunk friends women. We had fun.
It was a night of card tricks, poker, blackjack and stealing chips from the croupiers. I handed my card out like it was a bag of Country Mints...there was also a lot of vagina, but I tried to steer well away from that.
However the Vagina part did come in helpful when there were some gratuitous shots of Lindsay Lohan that flashed across my screen on Friday (warning- not work safe). Being desensitised to vagina viewing made it a lot less difficult.

I chatted to one of the strippers- Rocky, mid pose. Her chest and elbows were on the floor, the rest of her body was entangled upwards, on the pole behind her. I had a discussion with her about being treated purely as an object (not me, her). It was quite interesting. She takes it as an art form and it also keeps her ass in tip top condition.
I'm surprised we didn't talk tupperware.

By the end of the night I was so hammered. The midget that was running around stopped freaking me out. At 1am, the free party ended and the clothes really came off. That was my signal to get out of there.

Most intriguing part of the night was when I bumped into someone I know, around that 1am mark. He disappeared quite quickly, so I went to find him to say hi. At the moment of approach he was mid deal to go into one of the back rooms. I have since been educated it was only a lap dance, but still. It has to be pretty embarrassing. I'm sure he wasn't expecting to see me there.

Next morning...probably a hangover as bad as the night I lost my phone. Except no pounding headache. Miracles occurred in getting myself up and dressed to be at work by 8.30am. I couldn't lift my feet higher than 1cm off the ground and there wasn't enough berocca to fix me.

I have hung up my drinking glass, till at least....I don't least Wednesday.