Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Oish, mamele, go you Socceroos

Last night was a nail biter of a game. I was pretty stressed out watching the Socceroos annihilate Japan

It was a little touch and go at first, but those Aussies, when they got started, they really rubbed it in.

I went to my local- the Beach Rd. They gave out beanies and little balls. I got there a little late, so when I asked for "2 Tigers and a Beanie", the dude thought I said "2 Tigers and a VB" and so I got a free beer out of it, so it wasn't all bad!

People couldn't find me because I was wearing my "Where's Wally?" top and there was a little bit too much smoke and I still feel like I've smoked 10 packets of cigs...

The atmosphere was incredible. By the time we won, strangers were friends, friends were lovers and it feels about 6 billion trillion times better than the olympics. Especially when a pub is packed with people at 1am on a school night!

Here are some pics, and there is a video of the Beach Rd a few minutes after we won. I was too dumb to take a video as we won...but then again I wanted to really live the moment instead of look at it through a viewfidner!


RGx said...

go the o'sully crew!!!!

assaf said...

that's the spirit....
let me know when you go... i also want to come along...assaf

Dot Co Dot Il said...

The Aussies sure did great but they need to work on their goal celebrations.

Hopefully they will have what to celebrate for against Brazil and Croatia.

My preferences:
1) Kangaroos
2) Impersonating an Australian football umpire just after a goal has been scored.