Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I've had it up to here with Alannah Hill!

For a long, very long time, I have hated Alannah Hill.
For starters, it's ridiculously overpriced crap and the sales people walk around like a shit had vomited all over them!

The sales people wear crazy stockings and shoes. Skirts that don't match all of their 15 layered tops and then they throw on a belt, a giant flowery feathery thing in their hair and don't forget the make up. It's like a 7 year old got into her mother's wardrobe and went nuts.

You know how strange these people would look if they went out of the store??

I just don't like it. Especially when Sportsgirl decided to copy them in a diluted kind of way. We were calling the place "Diluted Alannah Hill" for a while.

Well- the other day I went into a store. I was reluctant. I tried to make myself busy and one of the sales people said hello and asked how I was.
Then another.
And another.

It was torture. I don't want to talk to these freakshows.

Then one starts asking me about the weather. And it wasn't 2 questions, it was a barrage.
Why do I want to talk weather in a clothing store?!?? Fashion darling! I want to talk about clothes.

I'm cynical at most times, but you could clearly tell I wasn't interested and she didn't let up.

I'm sorry Gila. But I'm never going into an Alannah Hill again. Not even to buy a flower clip. I'd rather go to Target.


Eb said...

I wholeheartedly share your sentiments...

~ Sarah ~ said...

i agree with you as well.

i think it's in their contract that they have to dress like that and wear red lipstick. the look like the had an accident with a dress up box.

ebbye said...

or K Mart! I got the best ugg slippers from there, love them! AND I didn't see a single salesperson :)

tiffany said...

Mmmmm... Sounds like you all hit the Big W's and Kmart. Love to see your outfits. As for Alannah Hill its not everybody's style, and not everybody can pull off a complete designer look. By the comments you guys made and the blog by Wisey you can't pull it off. The sales assistants must dress head to toe in Alannh Hill, but if you knew enough about fashion you wouldn't translate their entire outfit onto the streets, amateurs.
I like being acknowledged, and if you weren't, you'd be bitching about how snooty they are and how they were 'judging' you in your Kmart ugg slippers.
I think you should go to Target, you definately belong there.

Cheers Princess

Wisey said...

ohh Tiffany,
You're pretty tame for an angry person, so i'll humour you.
You work at alannah hill, a sales person? I think you do, because the word is spelled "definitely".
Secondly, Ms Hill's work does not classify as a 'designer look'. The quality of the garment is shoddy and it's simply a franchise. The only thing I do agree with is that people should wear one piece at a time. However, asking her employees to wear it all at once does imply she is asking for more, by value of the demonstration.
And we're all quite happy to shop at kMart, Big W or Target if the need arises. We're not precious about that type of thing and we definitely don't worry about others' judgements.

ps- feel free to go through the blog and see other outfits.

x o x o

tiffany said...

Thanks for posting up my comment, I respect that, because other bloggers sometimes don't do this if other peoples' opinions conflict with their own.

I don't work at Alannah Hill, I work for a clothing store called Decjuba (sort of like Country Road)and have almost finished a double degree in Journalism and Public Relations at Deakin University.So you're assumptions of me being a mere sale assistant due to definitely being spelled incorrectly is false.
Despite your claims of not judging people, I'll consider myself judged.

I do slip into Target and Kmart on occasion, but the quality is exactly what you pay for at those stores. At Decjuba we are expected to wear their clothes whilst we are at work so the same goes for Alannah Hill and every other clothing store that wants to project their company image. If I showed up to work in a pair of Levis and a Decjuba top I'd get in trouble for not dressing in a complete Decjuba outfit.

I combine designer with chain store and happily tell people where I get parts of my outfit from. However the problem with stores like Kmart and Target is that they have a buying system where their Fashion department employs professional buyers to go to warehouses in China and buy a massive quantity of clothes. Problem is that since all these stores have buyers and not designers you will often see the same garment stocked in different stores or in a different colour.

A recent example was actually with my own store where I saw our same cardigan in FCUK and Target (but in a horrible purple colour). Same design, fabric and buttons.

These chain stores are also very trend driven (which can sometimes be good) but a couple of months later you already look dated.

Alannah Hill has a consistent style (that isn't for everybody) however I admire her for sticking to her guns and not bowing to the pressure of churning out cheap fad clothing. Alannah Hill also designs their own clothes, thus the reason why they are called 'designer'.

Cheers Princess

Wisey said...

Holy fuck Tiffany. It's just fashion, not a cure for cancer.
No one here really needs a diatribe on how the system works. It's not that complicated and we know.
Please take us with a pinch of salt.

ps: another grammatical misfire "So you're assumptions of me" should be "your".

Have a pleasant day and please, no more talk on the fashion.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tiffany.
Wisey you're just a wise-ass. If you love shopping in Kmart n Target, don't bother stepping into Alannah Hill store where your cheap ugg don't belong.

Pinkblackie said...

hmm, I think it might depend on what Alannah store you go to. To be honest I love seeing women dressed up and expressing themselves-even when it might look a bit crazy sometimes. At the end of the day the girls choose to work there presumably because they love the clothes.
However, having said that the girls I have seen so far have always been very tastefully dressed (:-) and no, I do not work for Alannah).
I love this type of style and own quite a few of the pieces, but I also love second hand clothing.
Maybe I'm just stuck in the 50's and 60's ;-)) I think it was the time of elegance and class and so far that is what Alannah Hill's fashion has in common with those era's. Plus I just feel ladylike with all the shiny bits and pieces ;-)

gils said...

I'm a die hard fan...Love Alannah! Love the bag, love the shoes, love everything. Love Alannah!

Anonymous said...

Grace said I think I am agree with tiffany. In my own opinion Alannah hill cloth is very unique and very hard to copy which I love that but most of the cloth kind like a fancy and party stuff. That is mean they not target on all type of customer only some specific customer that like these style. Although some are good quality but some not that good but still worth for the design. Anyway you cannot compare Alannah hill stuff with Kmart, target, and Big W is too much. Alannah hill is more and more higher level.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you sound really rude to say that. Allanah hill is a designer company who makes beautiful clothing and acsessories. The quality and style of their products is amazing. I do agree with you on the part that the girls who work there do talk to you a bit too much. and I know most shoppers prefer to be left alone from the shop workers and just look around without being talked to. But that doesn't justify your complete hatred and insultation of Allanah Hill. You need to grow up, don't like how they dress? Oh how sad, go and cry in the corner honey. You have the audocity to complain about this when there are terrible things happening in the world. You sound like a stuck up selfish shallow little girl. Ugh, pathetic.

Ali said...


I felt compelled to comment because I feel like your post is a little unfair. You are entitled to your opinion about AH clothes for sure! But to call the staff members freak shows is really horrible! Personally I have always hated red lipstick and I think AH herself looks quite scary... but it doesn't stop me from shopping there.
I am also another person who doesn't like being bothered by staff while I'm shopping. I generally just say "I'm just looking thanks, I'm an independent shopped and the only opinion I trust is my own, but I'll be sure to let you know if I need any help." People generally leave you alone if you are direct with them.

As a clothing line I really like AH but that's just because I prefer very feminine clothing and I can never seem to find many stores that stock products that are to my taste. I tend to buy things on special as well - I don't particularly enjoy paying a few hundred dollars for a few items of clothing but on occasion a pretty cardigan (even at retail prices) makes me feel special and puts a spring in my step. I don't like all of AH's products but I love accessories like gloves, hats and scarves. I especially love their head bands...some people look at me funny when I wear them out on a daily basis but I try not to let it bother me because I enjoy wearing them. Basically I enjoy that AH's clothing is not stereotypical, it's feminine and it's generally pretty (albeit over prices when not on sale). If you dislike AH staff so much I'd be interested to hear your opinion on the staff in stores like Cue...It's gotten to the point where I won't even go into Cue any more.

I'm a quiet generally non-confrontational person and I find I just want to run away from their staff because they're so pushy. Sometimes I'll just stand in front of the store window trying to get the courage to go in but I know that the experience will inevitably result in my speedy retreat!

Lady Beefcake said...

Thanks Tiffany. It was a good explanation and I didn't know that about FCUK just being a buyer. I wish you luck in your career.

Alaska said...

Do you think AH discriminates in their hiring of employees? Or at least have a certain 'criteria' candidates must fulfil, and I don't mean what's on their resumes. More along the lines of tall, size 2, white skinned 20-27 year olds. And very pretty faces also. There's nothing wrong with hiring attractive people, but EVERY single AH worker I have ever seen in my life fulfil this criteria.

The models in the AH campaigns also meet this 'look'. I'm sure there are females of different ethnicities and appearances who apply and yet I've not seen one working in the stores or featured in the campaigns.

I'm sure AH, like all other labels, has a target customer in mind when designing products, but my observations make me think we're not talking about age brackets and disposable income. In other words, I feel their ideal customer is a white, thin, pretty girl. I think this is strongly reflected in their hiring practices and advertising campaigns.

Just my opinion :)