Sunday, June 25, 2006

National "Everyone's your mate" day

Well, it's taken me a while to blog about the fantastic game of Australia v Croatia.
It's hard getting time to myself these days, hopefully soon I'll be able to again surf the net for hours on end.

So after the busiest 4am shift in taxi history and watching an action packed game with an over-use of "Oish Mameles", then getting the shakes from nerves, we eventually won.

That goalie was spastic, it was an emotional roller coaster and it was unbelievable. Yellow cards were handed out like tissues, I even thought some were given to the Croats so they could go and get haircuts. It was even more unbelievable than the Japan game.

The Beach Road was packed! When Australia got the first goal, they gave free beers. No surprise there weren't many takers at 5.30 in the morning.

But when we did get that first goal, the atmosphere totally lifted. There is a video here of that moment.

One of the best moments was when they flashed thay Aussie chick on the screen. Wearing a yellow top and massive tits. She got bigger cheers than when penalties were given.

At the end of the game, the roof was raised like I've never seen before. Everyone was going mental. There was a bit of confusion as to when the whistle was blown, but once Viduka kissed the ref, we all knew it was over. Video of that here.
Everyone piled onto the street. People were honking and screaming, cheering. It was great. Video of that here

When it gets interesting
Now after that is where the beauty of the typical Australian psyche comes into play.
We were in our regalia after watching the game and we decided to go straight into work considering it was 7.30.
This is when you start thinking this should be a national holiday. This should be a day with a name like:
  • Everyone's your mate day
  • National happiness and friends day
  • National your stranger is your long lost mate day
  • Because we're all Australian and we love sport lets to talk to anyone in Green and Gold day

Now- I do like it, it's great that we won, but I really am confused as to why this happens.
If we win tonight, the party will go on for hours.

I just hope we do. There is no doubt in my mind it will become a national holiday (hopefully with an awesome title).


Eb said...

Oy Vey! I'm so excited about tonight. If Harry Kewell is reading this - can you please win? Please???

David P said...

Only the aussis would get up at 4m to watch their 4th most important type of football!

But I don't fancy your chances tonight... sorry.

~M~ Down Under said...

Since you haven't yet posted anything on tonight's game, seeing as it's only 4.00am and we lost.. i don't blame you for being pre-occupied. Therefore, i'm going to have to post this here for now.

The place where i watched the game was packed out!! I have to admit, i did see people crying after the game. It just wasn't fair.

Any normal person watching the game, would see how we were robbed!! That was such a bad call. The Italian was such a faker, and the ref fell for it.

We came, we conquered (some), and we leave with 2010 in our sights.

See you all in 4 years. :-)

Keep smiling... :-)