Monday, June 26, 2006

It will be a day of repetitious repetition

I have been awake for one and a half hours this morning and I have already heard the same conversation about 33 times over. Maybe 37. I fell asleep on the ferry.

It sort of goes something like this:

1: We were robbed
2: That (hot) guy fell over himself
1: We should have won that
2: But they just couldn't convert.

and it goes on.

However, last night was incredible. Bondi Hotel was incredibly packed from midnight, kick off was at 1am. I was fortunate enough to be sitting next to 2 loud italians. My catch phrase for the night: "Anyone want a pizza? Ask those two."

This is also the first time I have cared more about Australia than Israel- ie My emotional connection to Australia was really strong at this one moment (thanks Bloomy for making me feel unaustralian). I was so swept up in the passion and being surrounded by all my friends, it was so strange for a cynic like me. Emotion- I just don't do it.

When it came to sing the anthems, we sang Waltzing Matilda over the Italians, and the Australian anthem was sung more proudly than I have ever sung it. Probably the first time I was incredibly proud of my country. Oh, Sport is so great, and those Italians are so hot! I don't understand, that even with the subs, they just kept on getting hotter and hotter...

We made T shirts too. They were hot. I wore my awesome Mondrian shoes (some say they are Rubik's Cube) and all in all it was a great night.

No National holiday, but I'm still very proud of my fellas, particularly the man child Cahill. It's a shame we never saw the little Kennedy, but we did get to see the Aloisi charm and dimples. And I'd be glad to adopt Guus as an Australian.


Dot Co Dot Il said...

They definitely had the best sideburns of any team in the tournament.

Dot Co Dot Il said...

The rule should be that if you want to talk about the match you are not allowed to say the words "if, but or maybe."