Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bits of Gray Matter

So...Eb was getting sick of reading the same post. Sorry. I didn't realise I had such an impact on your life.

Issue 1. Peter Helliar
This guy- I've never really liked. Not since I called him up and told him about the Potty Putter to put on a segment on Rove. He ended up doing a 15 minute segment on it and never gave me any credit for it. So unfair.
Anyway, it's the Commonwealth Games and Mr Helliar used the same joke that rolls around every 4 years: "Take out the Eastern Europeans and the Asians from Gymnastics and it just opens up availability of all the medals..."
Look Pete, heard it before, get something new.

Which reminds me...in Olympics I was one of those people who had to hold the trays for the medal ceremonies. I got to meet some interesting peeps. But the medal presenters at these games...what a joke! What horrible outfits!

Issue 2. No one gets a free lunch
Yes they do! I did. Bit of a shock at the amount of food I received in comparison to price, scored me a free lunch and complimentary chips. I was in a meeting when someone made that statement.

Issue 3. Only 1 degree of separation to Daniel Kitson
I bloody love Daniel Kitson. One of the best comics ever. Was I glad to hear a mate performed at the Adelaide Fringe and not only hung out with Kitson, Kitson just broke up with his girlfriend!
Edgy dude, edgy!

Issue 4. Is mySpace really that cool?
I've come to the conclusion it isn't.
Yeah- you can put all your crap up there, but if you spread your crap around they can't monitor you as closely. When they did that Steve Zisou thing that was cool. And when bands put their music and gig stuff up there- that's cool. But I want the cool stuff to be centralised.
I don't know...something about it is giving me the jeebies.

Issue 5. Grammar Police
This is getting way out of hand. I got to the point last week where I nearly went mental trying to work out with there/their/they're it was. I ended up going for the wrong one. And when you do get it wrong- as a member of the grammar police- your heart doesn't skip one beat, it skips about 7. It's getting painful and stressful now. I'm taking a backseat.

Issue 6. Just wrong
Had a presentation the other day about advertising on Podcasts. PODVERTS?

Get fucked!

Things I forgot
  • I walked around with my fly undone for a couple hours. Thanks everyone for NOT telling me.
  • And why do I clap as well as laugh when something is amusing?


big brother said...

You forgot the Spelling Police - seperated?

Anonymous said...

but do you know why kitson broke up with his girlfriend? he is such a great chap. so funny. and i am curious.