Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A Current Affair is a current crap

Last night I did something which is so unlike me. I got home and vegetated in front of the TV for an hour (instead of going for a run, which I did anyway and in the rain).

Not being in the best of moods, I thought why not? I had nothing better to do. Was meant to go to a Christmas party, but turns out the alcohol wasn’t free…so why bother?

So, I sat down to watch a flickering remote controlled combination of Neighbours, News, A Current Affair, Today Tonight, Everybody loves Raymond (I do quite like Raymond) and whatever other drivel came across the screen.

I usually don’t have a problem with A Current Affair. It likes to scare the bejesus out of people who have nothing better to care about than the plumber who is ripping you off, branded shampoo is the same as own brand shampoo and whatever other trivial crap comes round in the monthly cycle that is A Current Affair.

However, last night was different. Last night I made a huge realization.

They covered a story about a family of Atheists. This family sent their children to public school where part of the curriculum in December is for the kids to sing Christmas songs. This poor kid said he doesn’t believe in Christmas, nor Santa, God…”how can you believe in something if you can’t see it!?”

The family wanted the school to become non denominational and ban Christmas from the curriculum.

The kid was then excluded from music class. It created a huge uproar in the town. It was on the radio, it was in the paper, the kid became an outcast. People’s basic argument was that you can never make everyone happy, if you ban this, you’ll ban something else. People should be more tolerant. People are ridiculous. It’s Christmas for god’s sake.

At this point I realized something.
What happened to tolerance? If these people don’t want Christmas there is no reason why it should be forced down their throats. And fair enough that the kid didn’t want to sing “Away in a manger”. It’s a shit song anyway.

More importantly, A Current Affair plays to the majority. Majority of people celebrate Christmas. And a majority of people can’t string a thought together. Basically A Current Affair is offering the Atheist Family up for ridicule. The population who watched this ACA will think it is ridiculous that this family wants to ban Christmas from the curriculum. It’s Christmas for god’s sake!

We’re meant to live in a multi cultural and tolerant society, but ACA comes along with this shit, paints these people in an awful light. The world is becoming less and less tied to religion, these people have gone the whole hog and are taking a stand and ACA shoves it back in their face.

I can just imagine mainstream Australia watching this and thinking how shocking these people are for wanting to take away Christmas from kids in schools.

We don’t live in a tolerant society. If anyone does anything differently to you, you are strange, you are weird, you are abnormal. When people are removed from the situation it’s all rose coloured glasses and lollypop ladies, but as soon as an issue is close to home, the shit starts-a-shaking and everyone should be like us mein fuhrer… I don’t think I need to mention Bra Boys and Cronulla either.

The story after this one was about a town where a couple of people want to place a curfew on the cats because they damage properties at night. Apparently cats are meant to stay inside, they are happy to stay inside, they are inside pets…they don't do anything dangerous during the day.

What the fuck is wrong with people? These are real issues?! These are stories that get on TV???

I kind of prefer the ones that are just about nothing, like is there too much water in canned food?

Cool stuff.
So fuck all that. This is cool. Everyone loves a bit of retro. Everyone loves to combine the new with the old. It funks it up and gives it that uniqueness.
Someone has had the brill idea to put old phone receivers with cell phones. The receivers come with a mobile attachment and everything and then you hang the phone receiver out of your pocket.

One word for this….BITCHIN’!!!!


ronaldo said...

dude, next time you need a dose of raymond - come watch it live at my folks place!! as authentic as it gets :)
definitly trying times for our pc society, good and bad - the racial tensions came up with my barrista this morn - turned into a bit of an argument... kinda reminds me of passionate taxi driver polies in israel! i guess it all brings this underlying prob to the surface, makes people talk about it (blog about it..) and make an opinion. hopefully we can do something to bring up the 'we are one but we are many' vibe..

Big Brother said...

The phone receiver looks good but you are deprived of slamming it down once you have finished talking.

Pressing a little key just doesn't feel the same........