Sunday, November 13, 2005

The ifs and the buts

Blog Collectibles
So, I'm getting a lot of these little random thoughts together and I'm thinking I really need to have one big blog on all these little "collectibles" that I have.
Multiple mini entries seem crap for some reason.
It's a whole series of "what is it with...?" that's shit anyway. You know the tell-tale sign of a crap comedian is one who starts a bit off with that!

No one knows blogs like we do
And how shit was that article in SMH on the weekend about blogs being sex journals? Totally missed the whole point of the battle for great links that me and my fellow blog community is having.

Another great find
Speaking of great links. Here is a hot preview of some new Ali G Shneed. It's quite funny.
I like Ali G.
There are more links here.

Oh, and wait. Pillow Fight Club.
I want in.
Kicks ass on paintball.

Ripped off
Now I had this idea a year ago and I truly tried to get it off the ground. I wanted to make Hypercolor cool again. The time was ripe, the generation who once loved it would let it grow again, but in a hyper, trendier way. We were gonna do it, but in bonds singlets, in little shorts. It was going to be hot.
I tracked down the company that used to make the fabric...some place in Japan who then got bought up, and bought out and spliced up. I made millions of phone calls. The guys were wankers.
I knew the fad would only last one season, and the only reason I really wanted to do it, so was that I could have one.
Long story, here is the short: Bonds is doing it. Watch it last one season.

Gossip Mongers
I like dancing.
I love dancing.
It gives you a great work out in the thighs and, fuck, it's just fun.
And no spiel here for "I don't care what you think", because if I wrote it you would know that I do care, and here is my fucks off to that!

So when I dance with someone, FOR FUN, it doesn't mean anything is going to happen.
So people, the rumours that started on Sunday morning were a hoax. They were in aid of two individuals who made a $20 bet that I would become romantically involved with some dude who wasn't very creative in his responses with me...
Him: You're hot and have a great ass
Me: Tell me something I don't know
Him: ahhh........uhm....

Creativity is key.

Oh, and I think I deserve a cut of the $20. Thanks (you know who you are).

To heel or not to heel?
I went out on Saturday night sans high heels. Was wierd.
Must have been the first time I've done that since that night in 1995.
It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Oh, and wedges still suck in case anyone forgot I hate them.

Two little make-ed overs
I never watch Idol. Really, I don't. But after the exhaustion of a sunned up, beached out, relaxing weekend, I couldn't do a thing last night and watched it.
That Kate chick.......who the fuck does she think she is?? Minnie Mouse??
What was with that Mascara?
And it's not even really her fault. It's the make-up artist's fault.

That Emily chick actually gave me tingles from the Bodyguard song. She brought it home after that abysmal Britney number.

And the idea on my head at the moment is:
What is the deal with these Australian reality hosts going from pallid brunettes to tanned up blondes.
Take a look peeps....
Now Gretel reminds of that Wildenstein character. Normal to Alien. The hair, the pulled back skin...a little too close in this pic and scary.

And Kyle...he has progressively gotten blonder as the show has progressed. It's quite funny.
I am yet to track down a pic of Kyle in after mode. But believe me, when I find it, he's gonna get it.


Hoops said...

So did you become "romantically involved?"

N8_da_GR8 said...

I don't think it's Gretel's real hair.
A lady at the shopping centre ran her trolley into heel and I bled all over the floor and they threw me out of there as though I was some kind of junkie.
I think I should be able to wear thongs to Coles and not be physically abused.
Also I caught 20 waves in 30 minutes on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Tito is the only real idol.

Wisey said...

hmmm, I do appreciate the throwing in of a relevant comment.
But, it appears to be a ruse for some random shit after!

N8_da_GR8 said...

It's got a soft "s", like a "z":

ruse ( P ) Pronunciation Key (rooz)
A crafty stratagem; a subterfuge.