Sunday, October 02, 2005

Fuck off charity workers

I am sick of people shoving crap in my face.

I'm sick of charity workers explaining their cause that I don't give a shit about.

I'm sick of people trying to sell me something especially when I'm on my precious hour of a lunch break, or on my way racing home.

Are these marketers and charity workers insane?

You couldn't get anyone at a worse time.

Not to mention there are a billion charities out there all wanting your spare dollar and in the end I'm going to give what I give to- because I want to and these assholes who are getting paid to collect money shouldn't make me feel guilty either.

And what happened to just giving charity and not getting anything in return?!

I don't want a fucking badge, ribbon or gummy bracelet. And the problem is, you need to get one of these so the next asshole 5 metres down the road doesn't harrass you as well.

The next victims are those fucking idiots who hand out MX.


David P said...

I worked as a door to door 'charity' (wilderness society) worker in syney for about 3 days until i got sick of disturbing people during thier dinner.

Ao take it from an inside source, they get a wage and they get comission so don't feel bad to tell them to fuck off... oh... you already did.

Happy new year sexy


Ebby271 said...

Did you get those dice on the way from circular quay as well?

P.S. I love the MX people and MX. I love the vent section! Sydney-siders are all just as angry as me!!!