Monday, November 01, 2004

Am I really anti establishment?

I am in this endless cycle of the grass is always greener.

I’m always busy and doing things, but why is it never enough?

Why do humans have to be so fucking aspirational?

The life of a dog is so much simpler. Or a kid- if all they wanted was a can of coke and they got it, they could be happy for hours.

It’s not like I don’t have goals and dreams but it just seems like everyone’s existence follows the same path.

The worst part is I am pro-establishment, I am a capitalist. The world is designed specifically for me in mind.
Specifically to me choosing from the vast array of options of society’s shoulds and woulds of this current era and I don’t want it.

My whole outlook is crumbling. Does this mean I am in fact anti establishment?

It conflicts with my whole “fuck you Naomi Klein” vision.

This rut shits me. Someone pull me out.

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