Monday, January 28, 2008

3 countries in a week, a visa and a potential arrest warrant

Things have been pretty whirlwind lately.
I had to fix my visa situation. This was partly due to the fact that people cannot understand my accent and confused A3 (a diplomatic visa, as much as I feel I deserve one, it is not for me) and an E3 (the Australian national visa).
I don't know how many times I have to see "E for egg" until it finally sinks through.
A colleague informed if you are saying "A for ayg" it really won't make an impact.

So, I went off to freezing Halifax, Nova Scotia, to sort it out. I flew on the tiniest little plane. And Canada was awesome, all the lakes were ice. There was so much snow and it was so quiet.
My E3 was sorted in 2 days. A good deal in comparison to the 15 weeks that the American government promised me. Thanks USCIS but you can keep your 15 weeks.

awesome old cemetery with lots of snow

me freezing my tits off at pretty much the only scenic place in Halifax, the Citadel

a frozen flag. Cold.

Back in the US (S of A)
It was nice to back with some validity. Although it was around now that I found out you can get shot for anything against the patriot act. This country is so screwed up. Any one in any position of authority would rather taze or use a weapon on someone instead of hearing someone out. Good to know it's violence first, talk later.

Puebla, Mexico
Ooh, this little city is pretty cool. And the hotel was awesome, except for the shits who decided to have a party in the bar above my room until 2.30am when I had to get up at 5.30 for the plane.
Things were pretty busy workwise, but we did manage to go to this cute little bar, the Reforma, where these old men were having a jamming session on their harmonicas. It was one of the best bar experiences I have ever had.

My only bad experience, was coming back through customs. Those asswipes think a civilian asking questions are grounds for an arrest! Idiots. I'd like to know when I have an hour to make my flight, why you seek the need to make my life a living hell.
I don't even care if you track me after this post. It's not like I have any intentions other than making my time in customs as fast as it can be. I've already filled out the comment card and you aren't getting a good review!
At least you'll never be able to take away from me the fantastic Puebla experience.

the lobby of La Purificadora

Reforma. Best bar ever

The volcano. I'd love to drop some customs people in the middle of this!

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