Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Where in the hell is my goddam Social security number

So, I've been here for what, 4 weeks.
I still no have no Social security number. I went on the first day to get it. That was September 6th.

At the SSN office, where I couldn't eat and began munching on a dried apricot and got into trouble from security, they told me I could call back in a few days and they would be able to give me the number so that I could do stuff.

Stuff like- open a bank account, fill in my timesheets at work because I need my SSN to do it, cash cheques, ummmm get a proper phone, eat, actually live my life.

I keep calling up, I keep getting different responses. I just want a number. I just want to conform. Why won't they just let me????????

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