Thursday, October 11, 2007

The beauty of the Craig's List

I've been looking to move downtown.
I now have 2.5 weeks to find something. Great.

Trying to find an apartment in New York is so difficult.
The bastard agents are bigger bastards here and charge to find you an apartment. So the landlord gets shafted a fee and so does the agent.

Craig's List is an adventure in itself.
You have to find someone normal, you have to find a room that doesn't say "And please note you cannot stand up full height in this room as it is only 1.4m tall".
It's tough.

Some guy keeps posting this: $100 Superb offer if you are an open minded and adventurous woman and keeps getting taken down.

After seeing numerous, crazy dominatrix, or whatever random requests:
  • Free rent in exchange for cooking/cleaning
  • 1bdr for $200 and you have to sleep in my bed
  • Looking for a woman
  • I'm desperate
  • Need a live in lover- someone who will pimp themselves because apartments in the city are fucking hard to find and people are desperate enough to offer themselves to me.

I decided to take a leap and write to one.
He wrote how he had a $700 room in a 2bdr and you wouldn't have to pay anything if you occasionally got naked.
I wrote to him and said "How about $350 for a bikini", he then wanted to see my picture.
I can't believe these people actually publish this shit for all to see.


Calev said...

lets see a pic then Debs...

Wisey said...