Thursday, September 06, 2007

It only happens to Wisey...

With things falling so nicely into place, it's no wonder a whole heap of shit had to happen once I got into New York.

Jews who go over the line
Instance 1: Recently I encountered a taxi driver who decided to take a shot and ask me if I was Jewish. I took a moment to ponder whether to be honest or not. I was. He responded how he thought so. Good work bub.
My curly brown hair, brown eyes and my necklace in hebrew isn't a total giveaway.
He was about to ask me "do you want to..." something, but he saw the fuck off look in my face and stopped.

Instance 2: At the airport, I check in and because of all the stamps in my passport from Israel, the customs officer decides to wish me a shana tova.
Somehow I felt like it was an invasion of my identity. In both instances. I think it was the smug look on their faces once they had deduced something that isn't even a secret.
Using the jew-bond is useful, but sometimes inappropriate use just makes me feel dirty and violated. There has to be particular cases where it just doesn't work and certainly a finesse to bring it into a conversation, and I don't think either of these two did that.

A tear and a half
My 2 suitcases were ripped beyond use in transit.
Watch this space for ensuing insurance claims.

Taxi strike in New York. Had to wait 40 minutes for a taxi

and then...
I finally get a cab, with my 3 suitcases, and the fucker decides to rear end another car.
I waited another half an hour for another taxi and I was on my home straight.

Other than that It's been all good.
Today I had fun in a social security office. You can't even eat in there. I was eating a dried apricot and got told to stop!
It's just full of people. I only had to wait an hour, but other people were there for hours.
Let's hope I get a cool number.

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