Monday, July 23, 2007

Bureaucracy is hypocrisy

Yay - I went and got my Harry Potter. I can finally end this spell that the book has put on me. It's not too sophisticated, but they are pretty exciting stories.

None of my goy friends could go and pick up my pre paid copy, and I'm kind of glad I didn't make them, because the service post-sabbath was atrocious.

I raced up to Borders at 6pm. It was still a little busy. I went up to the special Harry potter pre ordered desk. They crossed off my name and then pointed me to a register.

I waited and waited.

I even waited a bit more.

I was expecting it just to be a pick up, walk out type thing.

When I finally get to the counter, the guy is dicking around. He asks me for my name, I'm a little confused, I just gave me name.
I ask him why he wants it- he says he needs to cross check.
It still isn't making sense to me, so I wrote down "Bugs Bunny" and walked out with my book and token Hedwig doll.

now for the spoiler..... (warning)

I got this damn Hedwig doll. And Hedwig freaking dies on page 30!!
How ironic.
All those poor kids out there. I feel for them.
But there is no way Borders would have known. Poor chaps.

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