Sunday, June 03, 2007

Uptown, downtown and all about town

I'm having fun in NY. Me likee.

My flight wasn't fun though. Probably worst fight ever. United is shit. Worse than Alitalia and that's a big call. I hope their Blog scourers find this.
Everything was delayed, I missed my connecting flight from LA to NY. So my 21 hours of transport became 23/24 hours. Not fun.
I still got the train from the airport which had its benefits - weirdos. I now know always wear iPod headphones, prevents people from talking to you.
One dude, during conversation, kept on telling me "you only live once", he probably said it 15 times. I told him to write it on a Tshirt. He wanted to pick up some hot chick on the train, so I told him to go for it, you know, you only live once! He was a pussy. Clearly doesn't practice what he preaches.

The mystery shopping escapade
Yesterday I was sitting in Dori's apartment (thanks Dori for having me, 2 days in and it's been awesome, flatmates are fun too) and there is a knock at the door. The supermarket had all this shopping for us. I didn't know if any of her flatmates ordered it, so I took it. Turns out none of them ordered anything, we won free shopping. I didn't know why one of them ordered a whole roast chicken, but shit happens. Some retard also put the watermelon right next to the hot chicken. Who does that??
When we looked at the delivery card, 4D looked more like 4J so we took it down. They didn't order it, but she said that in spanish a G is a J, so we took it there. No dice either. It was really ours.
But then I realised the address was 110, not 101! The poor delivery guy was a tad dyslexic. There was no way we were getting off our asses to take it back to the supermarket. I was worried the guy would get fired for stealing it. You know how prejudice americans are...
In the end, whilst I was having a nap they came back and picked it up. But, we still took the milk. Thanks guys.

Other than that, I'm just walking around, going to a couple of shows, museums, the park.
I'm managing to work it here too. It seems like New Yorkers don't know my tricks either...

My random unknown friend, Josh, from Heeb magazine, I shall be meeting this week. Once it happens we'll put the whole story up here. But until then, Josh, we will see how you perform!

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