Monday, November 20, 2006


I think this is one of the best photos I have of me as a kid, especially considering the current fashion climate.
The outfit is just so ridiculously cool, those boots (I think those were my very first pair of boots...I'm so glad they were moon boots), those jeans. The acid stone wash with the elasticised ankles. I want a pair like that now! That great windbreaker. I love those blue stripes on the arm and the pink zippers make it.
That fringe combined with half pony also rocks my world.

To add to that little fantastic ensemble (thanks Ima for dressing me, although I do definitely remember going mad for those boots), my stance is unbelievable. I own that star and I seem to have been pretty rapt in the idea that it was Elton's.
The fact that I'm not actually looking at the camera and the open mouth (obviously saying something like "hurry the hell up") just makes me think I was already thinking of what I was crap I was going to pull next. You can see the germs of what is my fully fledged character now, were already present back then, starting to unfold to what most of you love to hate today (or is it hate to love?).

This photo is now in a place of honour of my fridge.

It was lucky I saw this photo before I left to the states, because one of my three to dos was:
And now, what do we have?
I was too tall to stand, so I had to kneel.
Grandma is a terrible photographer and she didn't really understand the concept of a digital camera. At first she would just hold it in front of her and just wait for it to take. I kept telling her it was like a regular camera, just press that damn button. But even if she did, I'd get one leg and maybe a hand in the picture. Needless to say, I had to get randoms to take photos for me.

This picture doesn't even come close to the other one (except maybe for my bunny top, the mondrian shoes and my curly hair). At least i'm wearing those "fuck off" sunglasses.

Right after this picture was taken, I did pull some shite. Outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre all these characters are dressed up . You can't talk to them and you certainly can't take photos of them, or you have to pay (or I would have a picture right here). But Chewbacca and some Dementor or something were standing there. Out of the corner of my eye, I see them chatting. Asking each other what the time is, what's happening that night, what shizz is going down. I say to them:
"You can't chat to each other! For God's sake! You ARE ruining my illusion!!"
Next thing, Chewy roars at me, I get such a fright and I jumped back and tripped over Grandma!

In the pic there are double stars on the sidewalk- a new development. I don't like how Hollywood Blvd has run out of room. I think perhaps it's time to remove the has-beens.
I think that maybe in posing, I also tried too hard.

But I'm very much liking this idea of revisiting snaps I've taken years earlier. 18 years is a long long time. I think I'll try go again in another 18. It will kind of be like that Time and again project, where they came back to the same town 20 years later and took photos of the same people, asked them stories about their lives and saw how they changed. At least I'll have this blog to look back on and see what a lunatic I was.

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